Deliify 50-in-1 All Rounder Gravy Mix | 10 Minute Meals | Quick And Healthy | Serves 8-10

Cook any Indian gravy with no effort, in a matter of minutes!

Don't want to spend hours in the kitchen for one sabzi? Want to make something fancy but don't know how? Have some unexpected guests?

Don't you worry. Deliify instant mix is exactly what you need. Because the only thing you need to do? JUST ADD MILK.

One simple step and you have 50 different curries waiting to be tried.

Paneer? Check.
Koftas? Check.
Shrooms? Check.
Fancy things like cashew and gulab jamun curries? Check.
Literally any vegetable combo you can think of? Check.

We offer you a simple solution, but also one that can let your imagination run wild. Think your sabzi needs a tangy twist? Add tomato puree instead of milk. Need it to be lighter and thinner? Make it with water.

Scan the QR code on the packet for endless gravy recipes - all made with the one and only, Deliify All Rounder Gravy Mix.

An infinite universe of possibilities and combinations, and all you need is a pack of Deliify Gravy Mix.

And the best part? It tastes like heaven.

Per 120 gm

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